A Brief Introduction

I've been meaning to start a website since April of this year but this is the month where I finally got around to hosting it. It's so strange. At the time I had this idealized version of what the site would be and to some extent still do but, at the end of the day, letting go of that vision of perfection was what allowed me to finally host the site in the first place. Obviously it's not perfect and will probably never be perfect but, that shouldn't impede me from at least being humble and willing to start from scratch. One thing I have to keep reminding myself is that humility is a prerequisite to learning.

So what's this about anyways. Like the front page says, this site is a creative outlet. Currently, I really haven't made anything creative that I think is worth sharing except maybe this site itself. However, whoever may be reading this can be assured that there are more things to come. I've always been interested in creative domains and I think that the fact that I've hosted this website is already proof that I am capable of creating something that at least I think is worth sharing.

So with the existence of this site justified, there's nothing more to say than "Welcome!" Enjoy your stay.

- Miguel