Vintage/Novelty Sites

  • Space Jam

    Promotional site for the first Space Jam movie

  • Heaven's Gate

    Official site for the UFO suicide cult "Heaven's Gate"

  • Text Files

    Repository of text files from the 80s

  • Dihydrogen Monoxide

    Site warning about the dangers of an ever-present chemical called Dihydrogen Monoxide

  • Save Walter White

    Walter Jr's fundraising site from Breaking Bad

Language Learning

  • Study Spanish

    Teaches you all of Spanish grammar in one place with examples and quizzes

  • SpanishDict

    The most comprehensive Spanish dictionary available online. Most words have example sentences and the most common also have accompanying images

  • Clozemaster

    Practice the most common words in a language through cloze style exercises. Available for 60+ different languages.

  • Anki

    Spaced repitition flashcard system. Good for learning languages as well as other memorization tasks

  • Memrise

    Premade flashcards for learning languages and other subjects

  • Duolingo

    Duolingo offers gamified learning for many languages. The stories are especially effective if you are looking for comprehensible input

  • Lingva Translate

    Front end for Google Translate with no tracking